Rahko appoints Gábor Csányi as Scientific Advisor

May, 2020

Rahko is thrilled to announce the appointment of Gábor Csányi as Scientific Advisor. Gábor is a professor of Molecular Modelling at the University of Cambridge. He is one of the world’s leading experts in atomistic simulation, particularly in multi-scale modelling that couples with quantum mechanics to larger-length scales. Gabor is well known for his work on Gaussian approximation potential, and machine learning representations of quantum systems, notably the ‘Smooth Overlap of Atomic Positions’ – a.k.a. SOAP representation. 

“I was impressed by the technical prowess of Rahko researchers, and continue to hugely enjoy our wide ranging discussions. The tension between their raw curiosity and the “only results matter”, “needed by yesterday” world of industrial research is fascinating, because the latter is so different from the contemplative, long term, and fundamentally hazy state of mind that I normally inhabit. ” – Gábor Csányi. 

We are hugely excited to welcome Gábor to Rahko. Our scientific advisors number among very few experts in the world in our field, and play an integral role in our work. Gábor is a leading expert in the application of machine learning to quantum systems, and we have already gained greatly from his expertise. We look forward to our work ahead with his counsel.” – Leonard Wossnig, CEO of Rahko. 

Gábor joins several other leading figures in computational chemistry and quantum machine learning who are scientific advisors to Rahko, including Professor Mike Payne (University of Cambridge), Dr George Booth (King’s College London),  Dr Cedric Weber (King’s College London) and Professor Jonathan Tennyson (University College London).